Why Seth Godin Doesn’t Use Twitter

As we finish up another year, thinking about how the upcoming year is going to be different, I hope you’re consider your “social media strategy” and what it really means for your business.

It’s nice to think we can truly reach people and have impact without leaving home. It’s nice to think that online followers on Facebook (or elsewhere) are the same as people who are actually invested in what we have to offer — people who buy our books, listen to our podcasts, or come to our events.

And I get it… When you have 1000, or 10,000, or 100,000 “followers,” it’s easy to trick yourself into thinking you’re reaching people. How could you not be?

Maybe a few… You’re not reaching nearly as many as you would getting offline and doing something in person though.

Look at the influencers you respect. The top ones are on the road, reaching people face-to-face. Many have little or no social media presence.

Seth Godin doesn’t “tweet.”

In the new year (and beyond), I encourage you to step away from the computer and make real connections with people, so you can make impact, not just noise.

Originally published at 23 Hours.

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