Baby steps towards a commercial-free public space?

The busiest bus line in northern Europe is being updated in a major way. The Copenhagen bus line 5A transports more than 20 million people every year. That’s equivalent to nearly all the sheep in New Zealand, and we all know that’s a lot.

Citizens of democratic countries aren’t sheep, however. And while the city’s town hall square is currently adorned with a massive, cutting edge commercial screen, it seems that a movement towards de-commercializing public space is emerging. At least if the decisions of public transport company, Movia, is any indication.

Besides no-brainer improvements such as larger buses and more doors, the new and improved bus line promises to offer customers a commercial-free transportation experience. Quite a bold step in a commercialized society where a ‘creative professional’ is actually an advertising professional and wallsize Pepsi-sponsored — and Pepsi-featured — street art is popping up in several neighborhoods around the city.

The announcement of commercial-free space in public transport is a strong indication that big companies are learning that people — or customers — are not loving commercial messages at all times. And perhaps it’s a matter of time before more companies follow suit.

Until then, starting from April 2017, the new and improved 5a will be a brave firstmover and the place to be for your commercial-free transportation experience. That is unless the bus passes the Copenhagen town hall square, of course.

Source: (Danish)