Why cryptos fall

We still don’t know what to think of crypto currencies and blockchain(s). Is all this just a gimmick or something substantial?

Think of it this way: nothing irrelevant ever achieves more than $150 billion market capitalisation. So it must not be a gimmick.

Will it all go down to zero? Nope.

Will it stagnate? No.

The only logical implication according to observed facts and some extrapolation is that this trend will continue.

Will the same project that are here now be here in 500 years? Maybe some, maybe none. Is something new starting? Most likely.

Is this an easy area? Not at all. Takes research, knowledge, guts, redefinition of economy. This technology will simplify everything: economy, computation , interaction and relationships between humans and machines (human2human, machine2machine, human2machine, machine2human) and cannot be put back into the box. We humans are becoming just pawns of our technological overlords (our past ourselves). One way to look at it. A better way: computers are still our tools.

Governments can observe what is happening but they are no longer in control.

We should not take bans and regulations so seriously and enjoy the ride of our lifetime. On the other hand we should try and strive to always act as morally as possible so that there are no obvious reasons why this way of doing things is worse.

Maybe instead of encrypting everything and plan more attacks, terrorists can see a better way too and stop with their own nonsense… Maybe not in this lifetime but in 1000 years, who knows? Why not?

Economy has always been cyclical: booms and busts. In crypto this is still true only much more chaotic, impulsive, crazy and exciting!