While we have reached out privately, our family would like to publicly say thank you to the many people in this phenomenal community who helped us after the tree damage to our home. It’s never easy when this sort of thing happens, and you really can’t prepare for it — namely standing outside your house knowing a large part of it is gone and you won’t be living there for a long time. Very quickly you have new appreciation for people you see on the news who lose their homes entirely, along with all of their possessions, to tornadoes and the like. We were much more fortunate, especially in that no one was hurt.

What we can tell you is this, the warmth and support of this community rises up to show you how good it is in many wonderful ways, leaving you shaking your head in disbelief and saying “We live in such a good town.” So, we would like to publicly thank the amazing group of people from our one-of-a-kind town, including the Fire Department, Fire Chief Trotman, and the Police Department for quickly responding and helping at the scene, to Neal Rochford, Tish Colombi, Pastor Bill Getman and Steve Walko for personally coming by and offering what they could do to help, to Koch Allstate for doing the same. We also would like to mention our good friends and neighbors, Bill and Patty Hoffman, Gary and Pam Garstkiewcz, Greg and Andrea Kohs, Bill Tourtelotte, Jill Valecce, and Dave and Jen McGongigle for coming to our aid immediately that night, offering us clothes and food and whatever was needed; also to Drew and Jen Siok for taking our son Noah in for days, no questions asked. Special thanks to Frank and Lora Carr for digging in and helping us pack up cherished items, and the same to Alex, Sheila and Christine Colalillo, to David and Jill Kastenberg, and then to Chris and Linda Skiba for taking our other son David in, and giving us a place to stay the night it happened, taking care of our dogs and so much more in the days thereafter.

We must thank Bonnie Walter, friend and realtor, who went above and beyond in securing us a terrific new temporary home with amazing speed. And then, there was even more generosity, from unexpected contributions by the teachers and staff at Lizzie Haddon, the High School, the HMHS Football Boosters, the Nurses of the Camden City School District, and Reverend Greg McMillan who leads Hamilton Square Baptist Church — one that we’ve never even been to.

As of now, our family is back together, under one roof, and quite thankful. Thankful to all of you, and the uniquely powerful and wonderful spirit of this town that reminds you of how lucky we are that we live here.

Peace and Love,

David, Dana, David and Noah — and Chewy and Lulu