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Again you make comments with no background information and resort to only the same trashing you needed to write your initial post. If you knew anything about me you would know I’m only a “slick asshole” developer because joining the Army and deploying didn’t have anywhere near the impact I expect privileged assholes like you and I to have.

First, I don’t live in San Fransisco, which is what I assume you meant by “SF”, nor have I ever been to that city. In fact, I’ve declined invitations and job offers to move there in order to avoid contributing to the inflation of home prices and because I prefer to live in my small, affordable city (which is also becoming victim to inflated rent, k thanks) and build products that aren’t “slick” but that actually improve the condition of other humans.

Second, this is the fucking internet and everything you post is public, viewable by all us “assholes” who build the internet you expect to exist solely to permit you a following of people who give their money to only you and appreciate only your art because anything sponsored or built by ‘the man’ is obviously not real art.

Finally, are you seriously ringing the free speech bell while bashing me for responding to you?!?!! LOLOLOL. FYI, there’s a GIANT FUCKING RESPONSE button at the bottom of each post because that’s the whole point of Medium.

PS There’s no internet fairy that builds or pays for the internet so download an ad-blocker, grab a Guinness, and —

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