In 2016, I Resolve To…

Maybe it’s due to a growth in cynicism, but I’ve rarely made resolutions after age 21. About the time I joined the Army, having left college in the middle of freshman year, my immediate decisions were often not my own so resolutions became a non-thing. Now that I’m a few years removed from service, it seems like a decent time to start making and keeping New Year resolutions again. Because hey, why the hell not?

Put a price on my time

I’m going to have an actual schedule. Seriously, and most importantly, I’m going to value my time more than I value my money. I think by establishing this perception, I can avoid more of those moments where I look back and think “gee, I just wasted the whole f*#@ing day.”

Learn to say “not right now”

I’ve already started to do this. DHH just wrote a good article that can help ask the questions to support moving on. It’s really about being more aware of yourself and your actions.

Be honest (with myself)

Man, I can’t count how many times my inner voice tells me “dude, you don’t need that donut,” but I end of scarfing down that chocolate covered ring of deliciousness. This year, I’m going be more aware. I’m not just going to look, I’m going to see myself.

Ask for help earlier and more often

This one boils down to communication and overcoming the anxiety of how others will view you. The truth is that grinding it out on every little thing benefits no one. It wastes your time and leaves you drained before even approach your next project.

Those are my personal resolutions for 2016, now that I’m making them again. If you think they’re worth consideration or maybe they could inspire others in 2016, please share or hit that heart. Happy New Year!

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