“Supergirl” trailer is bringing out women-hating bigots everywhere

by David Hunt

If you haven’t seen CBS’s new “Supergirl” trailer, stop and go see it here, otherwise read on.

Reactions haven’t been mixed, they’ve been brutal. My favorite source for movie and television news is flooded with bigoted attacks on the show’s star, Melissa Benoist, and condemnation writing the show off as an utter failure based on less than 7 minutes of a”first-look” trailer.

Sadly, it’s a reminder of how poorly a large percentage of men in America view women. Don’t take my word for it, just read a few of the comments from “comicbook fans” below:

It seems so impossible in 2015 that this is the reaction we’re getting to another of our favorite comic book characters coming to life. Especially, while we sit and fight wars against terrorists like ISIS who routinely kidnap, oppress, and maim young girls and women.

Think about that; allowing boys (because they don’t deserve to be called men) to fill our public space and children’s heads with this garbage. They’re telling our young girls that they’re nothing more than fluff. It’s pathetic and allowing it to go on is irresponsible.

Honestly, the trailer is exciting. They reference Superman and give space for more iconic DC characters. Plus, we might actually have a super show to watch with our children. Let’s not let the internet trolls ruin it.

Support “Supergirl” because it’s new, exciting, entertaining, and stands for something great.

Originally published at davidhunt.io on May 14, 2015.

  • UPDATE December 6, 2015 — Imported the article here to Medium. Supergirl has shown it should be taken seriously. It’s currently sitting with a 6.5/10 on IMDb and a 7.5/10 on TV.com. I’m looking forward to rounding up recent reviews and chronicling how public perception of the show has changed and why.
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