The Real Reason Why We Can’t Just Believe All Women

Third wave’s conservative, tough on crime position where sexual assault is concerned was bound to run afoul of it’s anti-racist, black lives matter position on criminal justice. These two things really can’t be reconciled, at least not when one generalizes about groups. “Black people are like this.” “White women are like that.” “White men are like this.” “White people are like that.”

We actually do have a good way of resolving this. Treat people as individuals. Every case has a presumption of innocence and if criminal conviction is sought, a demand for evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Generalizing was illogical and unethical when we used to call out conservative bigots for it. It wears no better on the left.

Fortunately we have a Constitutional legal system designed to do just that: treat people as individuals. The injustices past and present occur not when we adhere to that system but when we deviate from it. MLK and Frederick Douglas were both wise enough to see that the problem was not “Americanism” but our failure to live up to those values. The modern left has forgotten this.