How Contemporary Capitalism Drives Hysterical Wokeness
Bonny Brooks

This is a great summary of where we are at, and a very insightful take on all of this. As a decades-long activist, I have been more than a little frustrated with post 9/11, social media, call out culture, SJWism, 4th wave, or whatever we might label it. I’m a sociologist and working on some research and writing as well, though I find myself wary to publish lest I become the target of the online mob.

But I do have a question. I have several once-close friends, some long-time activists, some not, who have totally drunk the koolaid. And they double down and seem oblivious to all this, and become parts of the mob or posters of wokeness themselves. So, I get the reasons that college admins and corporate America would jump on this bandwagon, but why are so many otherwise seemingly smart people falling for it? Have other posters here seen once friends get entranced by this modus as well?

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