#MarchForBernie2: Lighting the Spark for a Political Revolution

With the 2016 Presidential election underway, the insurgent Bernie Sanders campaign has shown some serious strength, with a near-tie in Iowa, a very convincing New Hampshire win, and a 5% loss in Nevada, where the Vermont Senator was down over 20% in mid-January. Clearly, Bernie Sanders is gaining momentum, and with South Carolina and Super Tuesday both within the next week, volunteering and phone banking is more important than ever.

However, even if Bernie Sanders does become the Democratic nominee, and defeats the radical right-wing fringe to become the President, he will still face a gridlocked Congress with historically low approval ratings. He will encounter obstructionism at every turn, because even if most of his policies are supported by the general population, they aren’t favored by the political, economic, and media establishment which control Washington D.C. and fund the congressional campaigns of our elected leaders.

As I’ve written about previously, we will need no less than a political revolution to accomplish Bernie’s expansive platform and this doesn’t just mean working within the system to get him elected. His traditional campaign apparatus must also be accompanied by a decentralized mass movement which is not afraid to take the streets for progressive change.

The #MarchForBernie has shown us that this movement is indeed building as Sanders’ supporters realize that democracy is not a spectator sport, and more than pulling a lever and convincing our peers to do the same, we must also march in the streets to push this political revolution forward.

On January 23rd, the first round of marches swept through Chicago, Portland, St. Louis, and dozens of other cities:



Due to the massive snowstorm that pounded the East Coast, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and other cities held massive marches on the following Saturday:



These #MarchForBernie events represent why social media is so important to political movements in the digital age. One person on Facebook decided to create an event page, introducing the concept of nationwide Bernie marches. His idea soon went viral across the country, leading to dozens of marches, each hosted by a local organizer who was motivated by the original call to action. These marches served to solidify the bonds between attendees, building stronger, more cohesive local movements, while also introducing onlookers and others along the march route to Bernie Sanders and the ideas that comprise this political revolution.

The first round of events were such a success, that they laid the foundation for future marches. While Clinton and Sanders supporters were congregating in caucus locations throughout Nevada this past Saturday, Cincinnati, Chattanooga, and Charleston held their own #MarchForBernie events:


Much like the campaign itself, the mass movement continues to expand, with #MarchForBernie2 scheduled for next Saturday, February 27th, in many U.S. cities. Remember, Bernie Sanders is the spark but we MUST be the flame if we want to transform our political system.

Find your local #MarchForBernie2 event, and see you in the streets!:

Birmingham, AL: MarchForBernie2 in Bernieham

Mobile, AL: Mobile4Bernie2 — Mobile, AL

Forth Smith, AR: March For Bernie — Forth Smith, Arkansas

Oakland, CA: Bay Area March4Bernie2

Los Angeles/Pasadena, CA: March for Bernie 2: Pasadena

Washington, DC: DC March for Bernie

Sarasota, FL: March for Bernie 2- March, Rally, Speakers, Honk and Wave

Gainesville, FL: March for Bernie 2 — Gainesville

Pensacola / Panhandle, FL: March for Bernie Panhandle Chapter

Lake Worth, FL: March for Bernie — Lake Worth

Atlanta, GA: March For Bernie Atlanta

Boise, ID: March For Bernie2- Boise, Id

Chicago, IL: Chicago #MarchForBernie2

South Bend, IN: #March for BERNIE 2

Indianapolis, IN: #MarchforBernie-Indianapolis

New Orleans, LA: New Orleans #MarchForBernie2

Flint, MI: #MarchForBernie — Flint

Minneapolis, MN: Minnesota #MarchForBernie 2 — National Day of Action

Saint Louis, MO: MarchForBernie2 St. Louis

St. Joseph, MO: March for Bernie 2 — St Joseph Mo

Lincoln, NE: March for Bernie 2 — Lincoln Nebraska

Omaha, NE: March for Bernie 2 — Omaha Nebraska

Albany, NY: #MarchForBernie2AlbanyNY

Rochester, NY: MarchForBernie2 Rochester, NY

New York, NY: NYC #MarchForBernie2

Columbus, OH: Columbus #March4Bernie

Philadelphia, PA: Philly #MarchForBernie2

Erie, PA: Erie PA March for Bernie

Pittsburgh, PA: March for Bernie Pittsburgh

Nashville, TN: March, Walk, or Run for Bernie

Houston, TX: Houston Canvas for Bernie

Dallas, TX: MarchForBernie2DFW Dallas / Fort Worth, TX

Salt Lake City, UT: March for Bernie

Lynchburg, VA: Rally/March in the ‘Burg for Bernie

Richmond, VA: March for Bernie 2 — RVA — VCU — Monroe Park

Seattle, WA: Seattle, WA — March For Bernie 2

Originally published at www.angrymillennials.com on February 24, 2016.

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