At LV 1871 one of the most important strategical goals is the enabling of business specialists to participate in software development.

DMN Manager in action

The use of tools providing a convenient way to express business rules in an excelish way is a mission-critical component on the way to a fully automated, digital and…

Since duplication of business rules is the top most critical smell when implementing any application, validation has to be done server side without duplicated validation rules on the client.

Further, from the point of view of user experience, the validation feedback should be immediate.

And last but not least, in…

To everybody who needs some logic…

image by VanveenJF

There is no ‘if-else’ operator in RxJS??? WTF!

Finally, every algorithm needs some logic. When dealing with the reactive extensions the implementation of a very important use-case is not really obvious.

This article should tackle the question on how to write decision logic in a reactive implemented implementation without the…

Semantical correctness eases the consumption of services.


Semantical correctness is an important enabler when we talk about the ease of integration. A practical guide to the definition of REST resources is needed to get usable services.

This is the second part of a series about services following the REST pradigm.

  1. Documentation
  2. Resources vs. RPC semantic (this artice)

or how to make web services cool again.

Near every web service, we develop is following the rest paradigm. But from an architectural point of view, it is totally necessary to define and follow some conventions.

This article shall explain how we formalized conventions and best practices to increase efficiency when developing and consuming rest web services within…

How to improve your agile process in three weeks?

Photo by Chau Cédric on Unsplash

There are several methods to work as an agile team. Most of us are working in a scrum process or use methods of the Scrum methodology. But how to improve the process?

During daily work, it is often very hard to review the advantages of changes to the process. Everybody…

IT-Business alignment as the key task of a product owner

The Scrum framework

First of all, scrum is just a framework! The tools and artefacts defined by the Scrum framework have to be used as needed in every company.

Finally, nobody implements scrum to do Scrum. Everybody implements scrum to become agile. …

Currying and function composition in Java

The composition of code entities is the key to reuse building blocks in different ways to create functionality. But how to compose functions to use them as first-class building blocks within a functional program?


Currying is named after Haskell Brooks Curry and means the transformation of a function expecting two…

Modern usability concepts require advanced validation technics

Validators and the valid state of a form are often used to implement user guidance through any kind of workflow. In modern usability concepts, user guidance has to follow rules which increase the complexity of validation concepts.

The following tutorial shows up a way to implement advanced custom validators to…

Visualizing business logic is a key task of digital transformation

The DMN specification defines an XML vocabulary to express decision models. These decisions are generally visualized as tables and their dependencies, input and output variables. Finally, an input model is mapped to the corresponding output model by evaluating the parameters against defined rules.

The visual representation of DMN modelling tools…

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product owner & enterprise architect @lv1871 the fanciest assurance company

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