I’m a fan of Jordan Peterson, I mean, we have our different opinions at times, but I have a lot of respect for him, his views, his intelligence, and especially his conviction. Jordan Peterson wrote a book called 12 Rules For Life which was released a year ago, January 23, 2018. This amazing book is slightly controversial and has fast become a cultural meme. I also am a huge Malcolm Gladwell fan, who did a version of his own 12 rules on his Podcast Revisionist History. I love both versions, and both have incredible insight into how to look at, and approach the world. I realized, the infantry has a unique perspective on the world and one that has given me a lens which to attack the world differently — successfully. …

Over my career as a marketer and creative, I have heard a lot of arguments against using stock photos. Frankly, I (mostly) agree with them, sure — sure there is a time when you have to (maybe even should) use stock photos, especially when deadlines approach and that landing page just needs to get done. But In general, I usually land in the “don’t use stock photos” camp.

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The main reason people give for the case against stock photos is that they will look too generalized, too cheesy, or sometimes even forced. We have all seen it, the young attractive woman smiling with pearly whites wearing a headset — that just screams extra sharp cheddar cheese. But there is another reason, that is often brought up, and uniquely different than photos being corny, and that is that sometimes everyone just uses the same stock photo. Just like the Amen Break, there are stock photos that begin to go down in infamy, but for all the wrong reasons. …


David Ingram

Marketing (Digital + Growth + Disruptive + Guerrilla) | Passionate Marketer that is Obsessed with Growth, Optimization, and Radical, Disruptive Tactics.

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