Donald Trump’s Negative Culture Drag

Whatever you might think about Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the potential dangerous outcomes if he were to win, there is something else going on that is going to negatively effect our country even if Trump looses. A negative culture drag is already showing as people become more coarse and rude. Trump has made it OK to show bigotry and racism out in the open. Just because he is “saying what people are thinking” doesn’t make it right. If people are thinking racist thoughts, we need to confront that. His lack of empathy and common decency is reflecting onto society. We need to have a national conversation about what is acceptable behavior because we seem to have forgotten. Take a look at this video of Trump supporters at a rally and tell me this represents the best of America.

In another example, a 10 yr old kid shouts “take that bitch down” at a Trump rally. His mother told the press her son has the right to say what he wants to and maybe learned to speak that way from “Democratic” schools. Zero personal responsibility and laying the blame on someone else. What kind of intolerance are we teaching kids? Beyond schools, parents actually have the primary responsibility to install values in children. Blaming the school district or the government or Hollywood is a pathetic excuse for your own bad parenting.

I have seen other examples from my personal life of more people and even young people using racially tinged language and expressing a generally unsympathetic attitude toward those they dislike or don’t agree with. Twitter, especially, has become a cauldron of hate.

Trump fuels all this with this ambiguous language and dog whistles. He’s never so obvious as to say it too directly, but everyone understands what he means. When he gets a little too close to the flame, he just blames the media for “misinterpreting” him. Oh, he’s the most misunderstood man in history.

What I fear is what happens after Trump. It looks most likely he will loose, but what happens to the bigots and racists he has infected the Republican party with? Do they recess back into the shadows or is the “alt-right” the new reality? Will we continue to live down to the worst of our natures or will we find ourselves again? Can Republicans get back to the optimistic vision of Reagan’s “shining city on a hill”?

This has been the most disappointing election in my lifetime. I think most everyone can agree on that. But Donald Trump has brought something worse than his laziness, incompetence and opportunism. He has poisoned our culture with bigotry, hate, insensitivity, and a disrespect for objective truth. I can’t wait until this election is over so we can begin to heal.

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