Trump-a-Palooza, Part 2

Wow. That’s the only way to describe what we are seeing in the American election for president in 2016.

I was pretty accurate in my first Trump-a-Palloza post, although, I did not see Rubio surging to third and I didn’t think Christie would last so long. You can’t insult your way to the nomination, said Jeb Bush. Apparently, you can.

The state of play as of now is, this is Trump’s nomination to loose. He would have to do something pretty stupid and it doesn’t get any dumber than playing cute with rejecting endorsements from David Duke and the KKK. Yet, Trump even survived that.

There is no doubt now, this is an anti-establishment year on the Republican side. Exit poll after exit poll show voters are angry and do not trust the sitting government leaders. The establishment, having failed with Bush and with Rubio looking like he just doesn’t have it, is doing all kinds of mental gymnastics trying to figure out how to stop Trump from getting the nomination. The problem is, any trick they try to pull will only serve as a giant example of why voters are rejecting them. Same old dirty tricks and backroom dealing. Any attempt to screw Trump out of the nomination will backfire wildly.

In technology, we call this a disruption. A new product or technology that has not been seen before that completely changes the game forever. It often breaks existing business models and has put many an old school company out of business. In my experience, the worst thing you can do with a disruption is fight it or try to use your leverage to put it down. Case in point is the music industry, who fought the disruption of Napster and digital music for years. They never made any headway and alienated millions of customers. The best thing to do is try to adapt to the disruption and make it work for you instead of against you.

Trump is a massive disruption to the Republican party. If they try and fight it, they will have as much success as the music industry. Distasteful as he may be, the Republican party leaders are going to have to find a way to make Trump work for them. He’s all about negotiation, so I’d start negotiating. Trump isn’t a wild ideologue like Ted Cruz, so I think there’s room to work. You could create a Trump presidency that isn’t so nightmarish as it appears. But right now, the powers that be are freaking out and look like they will do all the wrong things. They will likely loose the presidency and the whole party.

Donald Trump. The candidate right wing talk radio built and the man who single handedly destroyed the Republican party. Maybe that’s what the hard right wing of the GOP wanted all along.

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