What Responsible Americans Must Now Do

This will be the last of my “Responsible” articles. It started with “What Responsible Republicans Must Now Do” and continued with “What Responsible Democrats Must Now Do”.

But at the end of the day, while some of us are Republicans and some of us are Democrats, we are all Americans. As Responsible Americans, I think there are many things we all agree on, regardless of party affiliation. Responsible Americans reject hate and bigotry. We reject sexism and racism. We reject xenophobia. We all believe in common decency and respect.

Donald Trump has broken all of these core principals which is why Responsible Americans must not elect Trump as President. For some of you, this will require a bigger sacrifice than others. I’m sorry for that, but I am asking that you think not as a Republican or a Democrat and put your party baggage down. Think as an American. When a clear and present danger arises against America, we always come together and fight. Trump would not simply be a bad president, we could handle that. He is uniquely dangerous.

There is a notion that there is a “hidden” Trump vote. That some will vote for him, but are too embarrassed to tell a pollster. If deep down, you know Trump is a bad man, so much so that you are too embarrassed to tell anyone you will vote for him, please think hard about what you’re doing. If you are waiting for Trump to become “presidential”, I’m afraid to tell you, time’s up.

It is time to put country before party.

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