What Responsible Millennials Must Now Do

I thought I was done with my “responsible” series, but it appears I must now address another group of important voters, Millennials.

I don’t know what so many of you saw in an old Jew. Maybe his idealistic and impractical policy ideas. That sounds like you. Yes, I remember what it was like to be young and stupid.

The problem is, we have no time for that. There is no leeway this year for a protest vote. Come out of your safe spaces and get you head on straight.

If you’re serious about Bernie’s liberal/socialist agenda, you’d better get behind Hillary Clinton and right quick. Will she give you everything you want in the same way Bernie was going to? No. Of course not, but you will get one hell of a lot more with Clinton than Trump. Trump is an anathema to everything you say you believe in. Is that too big of a word for you? Google it. The Bern-man himself is telling you to vote for Hillary, and yet some of you now reject him for that? Oh, sellout! This is why I treat you with such disrespect in this article. There is a time to be idealistic and there is a time to be practical. Bernie knows this and it’s time you figured it out too.

Some of you appear to be looking at Libertarian Gary Johnson. Do you understand what the Libertarian party is? It’s like hard right Republicans, except on some issues, like, yeah, they’re ok with weed. You like weed? Move to Oregon, Washington or Colorado. You don’t have to vote for Johnson. Did you know Gary Johnson didn’t know what/where Alepo was in an interview? Oh, you probably don’t either. He also thought nobody got hurt in the New York and New Jersey bombings this weekend. This guy is not a serious or credible candidate and a vote for Johnson is just as good as a vote for Trump. You think Trump and Clinton are basically the same? That they pose an equal danger? You’re obviously not paying attention. Please pull your delicate head out of your idealistic ass and deal with reality. You want context? Google fascism , xenophobia, racism, and narcissism .

I’m sorry, we don’t have the time for me to be polite about this. I cannot baby you right now. A monster is at the door. Take my hand and run. I promise, when this is all past, we’ll get a “true” progressive candidate for next time on the way home.

If you are a Responsible Millennial, you need to vote for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the country and never have we seen anyone as wildly unqualified to be President. Unfortunately, this election is close and your help is needed. But Hillary is so untrustworthy you say? That’s a load of crap. According to PolitiFact, 70% of what Donald Trump says is either mostly false, false or pants on fire false. Hillary comes in at 28%. Bernie Sanders? 30%. Hillary Clinton is actually the most honest candidate.

Oh, wait. You want something to vote FOR, not just against. Fine. What is it that you want?

  • Free college and help with student debt: Hillary has a plan. Trump has nothing. You could probably get preferred pricing on Trump U.
  • Deal with Wall Street: Hillary’s not going to take a sledge hammer to the banks but trust me, as fun as that sounds, you don’t actually want that. Sensible reform is a good thing, however. Again, Hillary has a plan. Trump has nothing.
  • Climate Change: This is just a no brainier. As usual, Hillary has a plan. Trump doesn’t believe in Climate Change.
  • Campaign finance reform: Nobody ever talks about this. This wan’t only Bernie Sanders issue. Shockingly, Hillary has a plan. Trump’s idea is to be a rich guy/gal and fund yourself, which would be noble, except for the fact that he is now taking money from anyone he can find.

I could go on and on. Pick an issue, Hillary has detailed, well thought out plans. Trump, on most things, has nothing or vague not well thought out plans.

Millennials, I’m sorry to brow beat you. Sometimes you frustrate me, because I’m much older than you. But I care about you and I care about your future. My daughter is one of you. If you can shake off all the flack and take a good look at the facts and reality before us, it isn’t a hard choice. Barack Obama recently told an African American audience it would be an insult to his legacy for them not to support Hillary Clinton. I truly believe it would also be an insult to the legacy Bernie Sanders began to build in the primaries for you no to support Clinton as well.

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