Day 4: The Longest Day

Day 4’s route. Through Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Today was the longest drive day. And it’s through a part of the country that is, well, sort of boring.

I hate saying that. I’m sure there are wonderful people (and every time we stopped, there was a friendly face and a wave and a good morning/afternoon for us). But the landscape is, well, bland. There’s no other way to say it.

A sample of the landscape. Flat, farmish, and green.

There were some interesting points along the way. We saw several crop dusters working on fields on either side of the highway. The planes would fly low and buzz the highway, just feet above the traffic. It was fun to watch.

Arkansas and Oklahoma have some beautiful lakes and bayous. Unfortunately, I’m not fast enough with the camera to get any decent pictures, so I’m just mention that their nice and you’ll have to take my word for it. Or, you know, go visit yourselves.

We had more random parts fly off the camper today. First, the vent cover for the bathroom broke apart, came flying off, and landed on the hood of my Charger. It scraped up the hood, but most of it came out with a towel and some Dawn. A little wax and buffing should take care of the rest. And then, shortly after that, we lost another bumper side cover, which hides the poop hose in the bumper.

The real stars of this trip are the dawgs and the cat. They travel better than we do, frankly. Of course, they only have to lay around in the car, enjoying the A/C and staring at the occasional cow or buffalo. But I worried they wouldn’t adjust well, particularly the cat. But, we’ve had absolutely no issues with any of them.

Dawgs at the Puppy Park.

The KOA we are staying in tonight has a dog park (or “puppy park”, as I used to tell Solomon). They had a ball wandering around and almost chasing each other. When we arrived at the KOA, it was 88 degrees and fairly cool, with a nice breeze. Jeff and I sat while the dawgs roamed around sniffing, peeing, and poo-ing. They are content. Larry and I took them to the park after dinner, and it was more of the same.

Waiting for their dinner.

The training we’ve given the dawgs has not gone to waste. They still sit and wait for their food, like we did at the old house. They (more or less) walk well. We forgot Lucy and Charcoal’s pinch collars (which they LOVE), so I got them some regular choker chains (which Lucy HATES). I’ll be happy when I can find their pinch collars again, so we can walk when we get to The Cove.

After several hours of staring at the road, I got my laptop out and worked. I was able to set up a new EC2 cloud computing instance while riding in a truck going 65 miles per hour. The instance works like a charm and it was nice to work quietly without interruptions, even though the ride was a little bumpy, making typing a little difficult.

Tomorrow, we travel across the most northern part of the great state of Texas and then on to New Mexico. We are staying at a campground tomorrow night that apparently overlooks Albuquerque. That should be beautiful. Hopefully tomorrow, night photos.

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