Gentrification and Ghost Towns
Emma Lindsay

Yeah, this makes some good points. While in Middle America working class whites are seeing their economies diminish and are voting Trump in large numbers to combat what they perceive as a minority takeover of the country (a complete misreading of the situation), in big cities a preponderance of college-educated whites are moving in and making things unaffordable for many lower-income minority groups. Heck, I’m somewhat in the latter group. The difference? Many of us in that latter group are saddened by that situation, and see it as the tragic consequence of a capitalist system we feel we have little control over, didn’t choose to be a part of, and for the most part don’t really like. Oh, sure, there are the snarky Peter Thiel libertarians saying “if you don’t like it, move to North Korea” and such, but that’s not really an answer. We want the system to change, and many of us would do our damndest to do so if we had the time and the resources to do so. It’s fantastic that a precious few of our world’s elite — Bill Gates and Warren Buffett — are taking this on, but we need thousands more of them.

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