Focusing on the unquantifiable

We live in an age of choices.

A time when anything you could possibly want is available on-demand, in the palm of your hand, alongside a list of endless alternatives.

While this sounds great for business, for brands, it’s a challenging terrain. A bun-fight to cut through, stand out and make any impact with their customers. This is especially true when product comparisons are reduced to meaningless power-phrases like ‘Hydra Energetic’, ‘Core i7–5960X processor’, ‘Rich in BCAA’s.

So how do you win?

The answer is simple. You change the game you play.

You shift the focus from being features and benefits, and start diverting attention to building more meaningful connections with your audiences and developing your brand story.

A story based on attitudes, values and purpose. A story people will rally around and share.

When you do, you’ll rise above the shouting match for ‘highest spec at lowest price’ and start appealing to ambitions and desires — the stuff that’s all too un-quantifiable but far too important to ignore.

There will always be an opportunity to satiate the desire for facts, numbers and specifications later — and it will mean so much more when you do.

It all starts when you stop prioritising short-term transactions over life-time value.

You can’t reduce the amount of choices your customer has, but you can reduce the amount of choices they’ll even consider.

This video won’t tell you the thread count of their jackets or the tread-depth of their boots, but it could do something much more powerful.

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