davidji teaching at the 2017 Wanderlust Festival in Squaw Valley, California, in July.

It’s Time We Start Flowing More Deliberate and Conscious Choices

Our purpose in life is ever evolving as we move through the various phases. What mattered to us in our youth may be very different than what mattered to us even five years ago, and feel a lifetime away from what matters now.

Right now, close your eyes, take a long, slow, deep breath in, and ask yourself: “What is the meaning of my life?” It’s a profound question, and the answer probably won’t come easily. But when we connect to the stillness and silence that rests within, the answer begins to emerge, evolve, and then propel you toward a life that you truly want to live.

The ancient sages found the answers in the stars, and more specifically in a divine power, which they referred to in Sanskrit as dhri (pronounced “dree”). Literally translated as “to support, hold, or bear,” dhri was the heavenly force that held the stars apart and the Universe together. Dhri was the cosmic force that allowed everything to make sense — essentially the why and how of all existence.

We’ve all been driven off course during our lives. It can — and does — happen to just about anyone. Myself included! You may be very clear on what you think matters to you right now. But, how much of that is based on what’s already happened to you and how you’ve reacted to it?

On the other hand, how much of what matters to you in this moment is based on your divine purpose? How much of who you are has been decided by your environment, your circumstances, and the people in your life versus that cosmic radiant light that shines from within?

Our life is a series of choices. We’ve all had to make some challenging and amazing decisions to get us this far. We know that at our core, we are pure, perfect, whole and enlightened. But most likely, many of the decisions we’ve made came from scenarios in which we made a choice that ultimately was not in our best interest or not of our own design. The result pushed you off course — in a direction away from your heart — away from your passion — away from your purpose.

Finding the power of your purpose is the law of nature — that once internalized — holds your stars apart and your Universe together. When you ask yourself what matters in life, the answers are the building blocks of your own personal dhri. The ancient Buddhists developed the word dhamma from the word dhri in order to describe the pure truth taught by the Buddha.

To fully understand dhri, ask yourself, “What holds my stars apart and my Universe together?”

Passion and purpose are cosmically interwoven: Once you know what you most care about, you can start being more purposeful in the way that you think, speak and act. So what do you value? Only when purpose is activated, do you make more deliberate and conscious choices, and a daily meditation practice is the vehicle that gets us there. The better you understand what’s important to you, the clearer your boundaries become. In time, a laser focus delivers you exactly to where you need to be to live your life with greater purpose.

For this next week, use this free guided meditation to explore what inspires you. Then send me an email at info at davidji dot com and tell me what you discover.

Our purpose in life is ever evolving as we move through the various phases. What mattered to us in our youth may be very different than what mattered to us even five years ago, and feel a lifetime away from what matters right now. That’s why this is an ongoing exploration, and as our life progresses, we will experience diverse expressions of our dhri. When this happens, the Universe opens to you.

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