I always find it handy to do a review of what happened over the course of the year, things that went well, things that didn’t and what could be improved on. 2019 is no different and possibly marks the most exciting year to date.

Here’s the download and some key…

If you’re wondering why it is that you’re receiving emails or notifications from me at ungodly hours, it’s because I’ve been in Switzerland these past two weeks.

Zurich in all it’s beauty!

To be perfectly honest, I’m actually in Zurich for my final semester of school … but more on that later. What I spent…

2018 was a wild delight to say the least — navigating through a combination of university, full-time work and of course, some very turbulent crypto markets. Here’s the download and some key takeaways for me.

Investing in education never hurts

For the longest time and on numerous occasions, I’ve toyed…

Stablecoins represent a class of crypto-assets that aim to maintain a stable value against a target price. They are heralded as gatekeepers to the mainstream adoption of crypto and making them useful for day-to-day activity. Heeling volatility, keeping money in the crypto realm and its utility as on-ramps for assets…

What a blockchain supposedly looks like?

I’m super excited finally to share parts of the research paper I’m currently writing on, titled “The Rise of Crypto Capitalism.” This will come in installments over the next few weeks as I begin preparing my paper for journal submission.

I will be publishing parts of my paper on Medium…

David Lu

CIO @ 256 Capital. Interested in investing in the future 🚀Previously Co-founder @ Textbook VC.

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