PlayBox HD not Working: Here are Various Ways to Deal With it?

Playbox HD Not Working

PlayBox is one of those entertainment apps that is satisfying its users for a long time and thus has created its own fan base in no time. It offers its users the latest movies and television series which they can both download and stream as well. But apps are a bit tricky, and at times they created certain issues as they are not compatible with all phones and get affected by various OS versions. As a result, they create such inconvenience which we denote as PlayBox HD, not working issues. In this tutorial, we will talk about some of them.

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Error Encountered While Loading Movie

This is quite a common problem, and the solution is simple too. Follow the process to deal with it:

• First, find your Mobile settings and then move to General settings then Tap on Time and Date.

• Next, you can see Set Automatically choice just “Smash on Turn Off Set Automatically.”

• Now set the mobile date as 01. 01. 2015 or set previous dates as the present date.

  • Finally, open PlayBox HD App after that “Turn on Set automatically time and date.”

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PlayBox HD Crashing or Not Opening

This is another major and most frequent problem the user of PlayBox deals with. Here is the solution for you:

• First, close your PlayBox HD App.

• Next, move to ‘General Settings’ and Strike on 3G Services and Turn off Wi-Fi. After that move your phone or tablet to “Airplane Mode.”

• Now Open your PlayBox HD App.

Next, you should do the exact reverse process of step 1 and step 2.

• Now, turn on 3G Services & Turn off Airplane Mode and finally Turn on Wi-Fi.


PlayBox is a great app no doubt. It offers different kinds of films that create a huge audience base, with an easy interface and a great library, making it an enriched app. All the contents of this app are of HD quality, and there is an option for choosing your own resolution. And all these facilities are for free. Thus we cannot avoid this app. But as it is not legal and we download the PlayBox apk file source, it can create some PlayBox not working issues. Hope the process of dealing with it will help you out. Don’t forget to share your comment and reviews about how the process is helping you.