How Cane Bay Partners Improved with The Help of David Johnson

David Johnson
Oct 19, 2018 · 3 min read

Partnerships make groups stronger because they are built on the common desire to improve an entity such as a company. In the case of Cane Bay Partners, David Johnson has played a key role by serving as a founding partner of the company. He has been a driving force behind the growth and success of Cane Bay Partners over the past nine years.

Contributions to the Industry and Community

David Johnson co-founded Cane Bay Partners VI, LLLP, a St. Croix based firm that provides financial consulting and management services, in 2009. Johnson helped expand the industries that Cane Bay it is involved in to also include marketing, risk management, information technology for businesses, business processing, outsourcing services around various parts of the world, and other financial and business improvement tactics.

He has proven leadership skills; Johnson has managed teams so effectively that he was able to branch off and create different divisions that specialize in various consulting and management techniques at Cane Bay. His leadership style is very hands-on. Johnson likes to be involved in all parts of the process while still letting others who are assigned to the project do their jobs. A master’s in business, David Johnson possesses the productivity and other skills necessary to manage a consulting firm as large as Cane Bay Partners. It takes a special kind of person to juggle all of these tasks, because managing a business’ operations and finances can easily overwhelm anyone, but Johnson in a natural born leader. These educational and professional experiences, along with his drive to improve people’s lives, has led him towards an ever-growing career that he thrives in.

Johnson’s care for the community extends beyond the workplace. A philanthropist, he created a partnership with the St. Croix Roseway Educational Program that has already begun to help a lot of children learn more transferable skills that are necessary for the professional sector. The program has previously released a video which showed participants learning business values, science, and other training activities.

About David Johnson

David Johnson received his BBA in management and a BBA in business information systems. After undergrad, he pursued and acquired an MBA with a concentration in Computer Information Systems at Georgia State University. He also received awards from the leading fraternity Kappa Sigma in 2006, earning him the Distinguished Service Commendation Award. His long history of philanthropic efforts shows that he has cared about his community long before he partnered with Cane Bay Partners, including donating $50,000 to the Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center. He was among the first civilian responses to St. Thomas and St. John after the islands were devastated by Hurricane Irma, then helped to evacuate hundreds of people in need off St. Croix after Hurricane Maria. He donated more than $100,000 to the relief effort he founded to support the island after Maria. After all, businessmen know that sharing their hard-earned work is what makes them even more worthy of receiving the profits in the first place. Johnson also is a member of the Virgin Islands Olympic Bowling team and every year donates bowling balls to young bowlers.

David Johnson of Cane Bay Partners — University of West Virginia Alumni Spotlight

Johnson is a dynamic businessman who aims to provide improvements not just for the sake of profit, but for the sake of helping other businesses as well. Another partnership he has had was with a company that focuses on online marketing, loaning, underwriting and control of accounts within a website. In addition to partner, he has held various managerial positions such as the Vice President for at least two companies and former Director in HR and Operations. In the early days of his career, he was manager and project administrator at various companies. This work history, which is rich in leadership and teamwork, is why he has succeeded as a partner at one of the finest financial consulting firms in St. Croix.

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