Facebook Contests Tips for Owners and Participants (buy Facebook votes)

Facebook contests drive more Facebook fans to the contest owners. 

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Apr 2, 2014 · 2 min read

Facebook contests drive more Facebook fans to the contest owners. The ultimate aim of running a contest is to getting more likes for the fan page of the contest creator. When you host a good contest you can save your money and can get more profits. When the contest creator offers quality and useful prizes and gifts, the contest will get more participants. Make sure to offer good prizes if you create any contest.

Tips for contest creators

Offer relevant prizes

Your prizes should be relevant to your niche market. If you offer some irrelevant prizes, you cannot get your niche targeted audience. Always offer prizes which are relevant to your niche market to get more targeted audience.

Create easy rules

Create easy rules to participate on your contests. Ask a quality photo of your participants to use on the contests. If your contest rules are easy and interesting, you can get many participants for your contest. You can also ask the Email addresses of the participants. This will help you to use them for your Email marketing or to send newsletter.

Tips for contest participants

Choose right contests to participate and check the prizes they offer. If the prize is valuable and related to your niche, you can participate and win the prizes.

Share your contest entry link with your friends on social media and request your friends to share the contest link with their friends.

Create a Facebook group and invite the group members to vote for your contest. And participate on relevant groups and leave comment about your contest entry.

To increase your votes swiftly, hire a social media marketing agency to buy Facebook votes to win the contest you participate.

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