HTML5 Online Design Studio is getting a makeover!

The All in one Designer Software HTML 5 is basically for the printers. There are many who are already running their online store of printing with the help of web to print software, but did you know that Design ’n’ Buy has one of the best features in its design studio. A software that is completely compatible with your other devices like Mobiles and Tablets. Where all are talking about bringing offline business online with HTML5 you can bring your printing business online too. Now is the time to get software with the best design studio that is enabled to give you a lot of options to choose from. More than 90% printing businesses have chosen the web2print option.

A research said that

  • The expected growth of digital industry through printing will be approx $187.7 billion in the U.S in 2018. This figure was just $131.5 billion in year 2013.
  • The estimated volume during 2013 to 2018 will amplify by 68.1% and it will probably wrap the offset printing volume by 10.2%.

Stats source:

What will a web2print business want in their Design Studio?

Designing and decorating apparels is one thing that almost all the people love to do. It gives a sense of satisfaction to have a design created that you like and wear the same, so below are the extensive features you will see in the design studio of All-in-one-Designer Web to print software.

Mobile Compatible & Easy Navigation
Today every second person will be seen using a Smartphone. When all the work is done through your phone why not printing? This new design studio is built on JavaScript and HTML5 and is non flash based. It easily fits into the Smartphone’s screen to give you better visibility and quality of the product. All the controls are touch screen friendly and you can easily operate the same even from your phone. No need to find a PC or a laptop to create design or see the same.

Personalize & Easy Customization
Have you been looking for a design studio that gives you the liberty to personalize all the products you want? Not Just T-shirts but now you can personalize all the products shown in the above image. You can easily configure them to use on any product. You can also customize your products where there are irregular images by using mask image. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a multiple color support to add icing to the cake? Make the most of these features and shoe your designing capability to your customers.

Opt for the Right Printing Method
Life gets very easy when your design studio supports DTG, screen printing, sublimation embroidery, etc. you can also control the pricing based on the color, artwork, artwork size and many more. You can also configure color palette for the kind of printing method you choose. It is viable when you have a variety of products to be printed in different methods. You can give the user the ability to choose the type of printing only from those you have enabled as types of printing. If you have many choices you can add them all for the user to choose.

Enabled with Clipart & Shapes
The young generation is fond of adding something funny and funky on their t-shirts, mugs, etc. this feature will allow the user to add shapes and clipart to their products. This web2print software supports multi-colored clipart and also allows you to change the colors of each part separately. You can draw your own shapes if you want to. Time for some creativity!

Add Text with Effects
Adding text with effects can be very exciting and will give your print and design an amazing look. Talk about effects we give you those in the text. You can easily add single or multiple line text. There are various text shapes in the design studio such as Curve, Arch, bridge, Bulge, Bird’s Eye, Cascade Down, Cascade Up, Pinch, Wave and more. Now you can also control the line spacing. It gives you the ability to let your customers to opt for the line spacing and the kind of text they want and with what effect.

Add QR Codes & Upload Images
Have your personal image that you have been using for a long time and wish to use them again, add them to the design studio. You can manage the image gallery for user. You can use your pictures from Instagram, Picasa, Flikr, etc. With QR codes making things easy, this design studio also allows to add QR codes in any color and size. Get alert when you are uploading a low-resolution image. So here comes an end to your image resolution problems.

Image Editor with Advanced Options
Sometimes it’s very difficult to edit an image when you badly want to use. Many of us have faced this problem several times. You can now mask the image or the portion you wish to hide with different shapes. You can then add your text or image there. Applying image filtration, adding custom filters and zooming images adds to your creativity and gives you the freedom to add something of your own. You get it all from the advanced Image Editor.

Easily Redesign Templates or Designs
Admin has the ability to upload design templates. You can also offer editable templates with image, text or clipart. You can also lock or unlock a certain portion in the image that you don’t want the user to move or edit. You can add specific designs and templates for certain products. You can also choose a design template from the design studio and edit it as per your requirement or choice.

Easy to Use Control Buttons
Today everything is about sharing, if you are not able to share then users will not like that product or will find it irritating to copy a link and then share. To make this easy there are some easy to use control in the design studio which allows you to share designs on FB, Twitter, Pinterest. You can also save your design for later use, also there is multiple alignment option too that give you the liberty to align text for better printing methods. You can group or ungroup images as per your choice.

LIVE 3D Preview
Usually when you visit any online store the preview they give you will not entice you to finalize it, or you might not get the exact picture for it. But with the added option of Live 3D preview gives you the real feel of the product. Just like watching a 3D movie or an image.

Web-to-print has taken over in speed. It is less stressful and painful than traditional printing. What makes the online printing fun and easy is the design studio and the ability to do the same from your mobile. So when you come across a design studio that has of this for you then you can give the best personalized printing experience to your customers.

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