How college design programs can keep up with a rapidly changing design industry.

Last year, my friend Rajiv Sancheti and I created a new user experience/product design class for UC San Diego’s Cognitive Science Department and launched a pilot run with 80 students during the fall 2019 term.

We created this class because many students we talked to felt that the current design courses at UCSD (which are more theory-based) weren’t as useful for directly transferable skills, specifically for an internship or career in product/user experience design.

In this article, we dive into four key aspects of the class that were critical to our success. …

How to take your design internship from 0 to 100.

So you’ve just gotten yourself a design internship. How do you make the most of it?

If I could go back to myself when I started my design career and got my first internship, there are five things I’d tell myself to make the most of those early career steps. I’m now paying it forward to the broader design community out there by sharing the five tactics that, looking back, have helped shape me to be a better designer.

#1 Leverage your network while you have easy access

During your internship, you have virtually unlimited and easy access to:

  • People much better at what you do
  • People doing things…

How can you purposefully and succinctly communicate your impact while leaving your audience wanting more?

Over the past few years, I’ve been actively interviewing at dozens of companies for roles in UX/Product Design. Each interview and each company taught me important lessons about my resume–they taught me what worked well and what didn’t. In this article, I break down three takeaways that I learned from these experiences.

Disclaimer: I’m a college student, so my experiences are slightly biased towards those looking for internship or new grad roles. However, I believe these lessons still apply to those looking for full-time positions.

1 — Intentionality Goes A Long Way

The resume I use at my school’s career fair is not the same as the…

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