The truth, the whole truth, and everything in between
Dan Pupius

Sadly, it seems that some people’s “sphere of consensus” seems to get larger and larger, an effect only exacerbated by living in a social bubble. It’s all too easy to say, “Why should I consider the other side’s opinions??? They have opinions; WE have FACTS!” I’ve had a fairly radical change in my personal politics over the years so I’m in the unique position of having believed with every fiber of my being in BOTH positions — at one time or another. And both sides think this way. They have opinions; we have facts. And both sides can articulate them to the point where they are equally right (or wrong). More and more people it seems are seeing their ‘opinions’ as ‘facts,’ thereby absolving themselves of any thinking, let alone caring. It’s a form of intellectual laziness that I find particularly maddening, and often find it not worth the effort to even bother trying to listen to someone so pigheaded and incapable of believing that the other side has a brain or a soul — let alone a sound contrary argument.

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