You Haven’t Heard of Behavioral Intelligence, But Chances Are Your Organization Desperately Needs…
David Holzmer, Ph.D.

Behavioral Intelligence may be a subset of Contextual Intelligence.

The term “contextual intelligence” was coined by Mayo and Nohria (2005). It can be thought of as practical wisdom, what Aristotle called phronesis, which was one of three intellectual virtues, the other two being episteme (science) and techne (craft or art). Bent Flyvbjerg (2001) has suggested that phronesis, with its concerns for ethics in practice and what is good or bad for humankind is the most important of the intellectual virtues and the real strength of the social sciences. He sees the key questions to be addressed by a “phronetic social science” as the following:

  1. Where are we going?
  2. Who gains and who loses and by which mechanisms of power?
  3. Is this development desirable?
  4. What should we do about it?