Time management, self management, prioritizing…

“People who think they have time management problems really have priority management problems, which means, at root, they have self management problems.”

I was intrigued by this story I read earlier today on Medium. I was looking for different ways to look at time management, to help myself understand what it takes to optimize my time. Charlie Gilkey’s blog post did just that for me. It brought a new and interesting perspective to time management. He argues that, often times we find ourselves filling our minds with all of the things we ‘have to do’, when in reality we can only accomplish so many of these priorities in a given amount of time. So, it’s not so much about managing your time as it is managing yourself and how you prioritize your tasks at hand. We need to be more concerned with what matters now and what I can do today. It’s important that we don’t squander excess time when given the opportunity to utilize it.

Throughout this week I ‘ve been trying to make the most of my free time. That means, putting my phone to the side as frequently as possible, and setting aside any other distractions I may resort to. Because yes, often times scrolling through my social media, texting, watching Netflix, or virtually anything seems better than actually doing my work. With that being said, several times this week I’ve managed to tackle tasks as soon as I’ve received them. Here’s just a few:

  • Today, while scanning through my email, I found out when tracking an order that I had sent a package that I order for my father last week to the wrong shipping address… (I sent it to the school, not my house) So, I looked up the Ellicott mail and package center contact info, sent an email explaining my situation right away. They replied relatively quickly, redirecting me to a phone number in which I presumed to call and got the ordeal under control.
  • Additionally, I finally took action on a parking citation I got nearly two weeks ago. It was a $30 fine, that could have been bumped up to $50 if it wasn’t paid for by Monday, 10/2. When I first received the citation I thought that the only way in which I could pay for it was to go to the Transportation services building at 106 Spaulding, which is the reason why I had been putting it off because it is out of the way of my daily routine. However, I discovered in an email that I could also take care of this matter in 1 Capen, which was a flight of stairs away from where I was reading the email, so I took care of the matter.
  • I completed my Learn Smart and reading for MGA 201 and MGG 303 Sunday night, instead of the morning they’re due, which I normally would due.
  • And now, I’m writing this blog, so that I’m not cramming in blogs every day for the last few days here to get all six done (requirement) by Monday 10/2.

A lot of these in the grand scheme of things, are minor details. But after a while, these are the tasks that put a lot of the stress I have on me. And sometimes, they force me to push the things I really need to get done off to the side. I’m done with all of that though, it’s time to take action and take care of needs to get done.

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