How Detroit Labs Hires Without Resumes

Our secret hiring formula revealed!

When we started Detroit Labs we set out to create a company unlike any we’d previously been a part of. We leapt forward, anxious and excited for new horizons.

Four years later and we’re close to 100 team members; a substantial leap from the handful I met my first day on the job. It gives me great pleasure that I call these people my friends, not co-workers, and we believe that’s an important part of what makes us successful.

How did we do it?

We ditched tradition.

We set about defining a set of questions that for all intents and purposes was our personality test, and is a model we continue to use currently. We weren’t searching for sameness, but a shared wavelength was imperative and these questions helped us measure that.

We ask about handling stress and failure. About your passions. About your greatest accomplishments — professional or otherwise — not whether you know every technology in the stack.

We then go to our team for help. Not an individual disconnected from daily reality. Not a recruiter. Not a secret society. We empowered our team to not only discuss candidates, but make decisions that ultimately lead to candidates continuing through our hiring pipeline.

This process has extended to our successful Apprenticeship programs and Current, a hiring tool we’re developing to simplify the process of finding great people.

Check out Current and see what we’ve been working on.