adidas: An Original Is Never Finished

Its not often that advertising still gives goosebumps, but when i saw this amazing new adidas Originals spot during the Grammy Awards Sunday night, the Trefoil that’s been in my heart for many, many years swelled with pride.

I started my career with adidas in Germany back in 1990. I was obsessed by the brand as a kid and it was a dream come true to see the spinning Trefoil logo on the roof of the HQ building in person the first time, let alone have the opportunity to work there. (The original blue and white logo could be seen from far away and is now a monument on the company’s campus in the metropolis that is Herzogenaurach).

The company was just starting to rebuild after years of decline and transition of ownership from the founding Dassler family — but the core and culture of the company was made up of old-timers who spent their career there and would describe their colleagues and loyal endorsers by saying they “had a Trefoil in their heart” (“Dreiblatt im Herzen”). These old Meisters taught me the business from the ground up — on the factory floor, in the accounting, logistics, controlling and export departments, and everywhere i traveled during my years there working in the global soccer business.

My friends and colleagues from the time all know — it would’ve been impossible to not have a Trefoil in my heart after learning from all of these incredible people who gave me a chance to live my dream.

No matter where i’ve worked over the many years since then, i’ve always (quietly) cheered the success of the adidas brand — especially on the football pitch and when I see my favorite models return as celebrated, successful Originals.

Because an Original is never finished.

What did you think of the spot?

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