Are you here to play? Or are you here to win?

Attitude is a Superpower.

There’s a massive difference between simply showing up and putting in the everyday blood, sweat, preparation, focus, teamwork and desire that separates good from great.

I bet you see big differences in attitude everyday where you work.

As an example, our Breakaway team went to a new business pitch a couple weeks ago. We were waiting confidently and nervously in the lobby while we waited our turn. Like a team in the tunnel before a match. Or a band backstage before a show. Amped. On edge. Ready to go.

We had our presentation ready. Everyone knew their roles and their lines. We had gathered a lot of intel about the groups we were presenting to and what was important to them. We did extra work that went above and beyond what was requested. We knew our set list. Solos were rehearsed. We knew that we were prepared to kill it but also confident in our experience and background.

A competing firm presenting ahead of us finished up their presentation and came out. After exchanging the usual semi-awkward pleasantries, one of their team nervously asked me a question — “Are you here to pitch?”

I quickly answered in the most honest way possible, “No. We’re here to win.”

While my answer might have been a bit arrogant, why the fuck else would we be there?

We don’t get paid to just show up. Our job is to compete. And win.

That’s my attitude. Everyday.

Is it yours?

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