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Me father, for all of his great attributes, lacked alot of patience. This manifested itself through stressful vacations and the fact that that even to this day finding parking is something that makes me twitch. But my Spurs memories with him are proof to me that, regardless of human nature to be selfish, a father will sacrifice for his children.

My impatient father would put us in his truck on those summer nights in 2003,2005, and 2007 and drive us down Hackberry St., past the little red barn and his janitorial supply company, and sit in deep still traffic on commerce for hours while me and my brother screamed with joy from the truck bed. I vividly remember the passion of those nights and the joy of my fellow San Antonians as we celebrated as one the victory of our beloved Spurs.

But even those memories, full of collective joy and city wide celebration, don’t mean quite as much to me as my first emotional experience watching the Spurs with my dad. Like your boys, I was nine at the time. June 1999. Like you as a child I wouldn’t typically be up so late, but I was that night. My dad had set up this fold out table (had to have been from the 70s with its faded plastic padded top) and some mixed nuts, you know cashews and peanuts and such that I remember seeing my mom buy the week before at heb. It was just me and him, on the couch, past my bedtime, seeing some of the most amazing basketball I had witnessed up until that point in my life. And while some of the game was a blur to me, one moment was not. I remember Avery’s shot. I remember looking at my dad and seeing a different type of joy in his eyes, a different kind of pride, and I remember feeling very close to him that night and feeling special that he let me stay up and experience that moment with him.

Throughout the years, the victories (actually being DT as an adult in 14’) and the heartbreaks (. 4 seconds and Manu’s foul on Dirk) I have always thought back to 99' and that couch and my dad and how important sports can be in someone’s life. Reading your story brought that back for me and I hope that I too someday will be able to create Spurs memories with my own kids. Thanks for this awesome story.

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