The Key to Content Marketing

This isn’t any amazing “secret sauce,” and for anyone who’s done any reading on content marketing this is old hat. But, I think the bottom line key to content marketing is always worth repeating.

The key to content marketing is about having enough content to address two different areas your prospects and customers will want:

  1. You must have content that addresses every stage of the buying cycle. This means you have to have very basic, informational content for people you probably can’t even identify beyond maybe an IP address who are searching for information and happen upon your website. You also have to have content that is very specific to your product or service that convinces a highly qualified lead to take the next step and become a customer. You also must have content that addresses each stage of the buying journey between the extremes of that unnamed prospect to the customer who needs help solving a pain point that your offering eases.
  2. You also must have all this content in many different forms so the person consuming your content (ed. note: I really hate the term “consuming” in this context but it’s something of a standard for now) can find what they want or need in whatever format they choose. This means you need shorter form blog posts, longer form white papers or e-books, videos of various lengths, simple infographics that get a lot of information across in a very simple and visual way, and more.

By providing content that meets both of these criteria you will be able to achieve what has become something of content marketing mantra — you will be able to offer your prospect the content they want or need, at the time they want or need that content, in the format they choose to consume that content.

Some people want a deep read into a topic. Others want to watch a video that is no longer than four minutes. And often that might be same person who wants your content in one format one time, and in another format at another time. The key to content marketing is having content that lets your prospect decide how they want to engage with what you have to offer them.

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