O Jerusalem

From Slavery at cruel Egyptian hands,

Ten miraculous plagues smote their lands.

He split the Sea and we inhabited our Home,

King Davids dynasty built after 40 year roam.

Until our actions caused destruction, O Jerusalem.

A second chance thankfully we did receive,

miracles ceased left us a need to Believe.

Once again we were tossed out, to grieve.

Wandering homeless, the righteous cleave,

Thousands of years of persecution, O Jerusalem.

We did not go astray or leave the Scriptures,

Our Prayers and thoughts of thee a fixture.

The horrors that passed left a remnant true,

the worlds crimes, Israel a penance over due.

Till forgotten the history denied, O Jerusalem.

A state that was raised from the destruction and Ashes,

Phoenix like no fear of constant clashes.

A people pushed from pillar to post,

Saved from ravage by the Holy Host.

Returned to thee gratefully, O Jerusalem.

So now they come and stab or shoot,

Or throw a stone or Molotov to uproot.

Firing rockets they tried and bombings galore,

We responded by giving them more and more.

Spilled for thee eternally, O Jerusalem.

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem,

let my right hand forget her cunning.

A people determined, no more running,

Only here I walk a Jew shamelessly.

Thus we cling to thee faithfully.

O Jerusalem