You might want to look into Buddhism for an inspiration on truth if you haven’t done so already.
Dai Kodato

Of course I can see why your opinion isn’t very popular — most of us are instilled with the belief that truth and honesty are virtues from a very early age — but I can also definitely see the pragmatism of it. Why expect truth from a system that rewards untruth? The basis for your thinking — that action is much more important than empty campaign rhetoric — is persuasive.

But if no one values truth in the political arena — politicians and voters alike — then I wonder how we will decide who can or will take the actions necessary to improve society. If all political discourse is a priori bullshit and everyone knows it, how do we choose among various bullshit artists?

I’m not implying that you should have a solution to this problem — which is becoming less theoretical and more realistic everyday — but it’s a problem nonetheless.

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