David Kutek is the Director of Business Development in a Firm Based in Florida

David Kutek is a renowned and recognized professional working as Director of a business development firm in Florida. Since 2000, he has been associated with this firm and has acquired a significant experience in sales. He has an extensive and proven new business acquisition track record.

He has comprehensive experience of sales principles, tactics, practices and tools, and developing value proposition with partners. Owning to his great skills and abilities, he excels every project from conception to accomplishment.

David has excellent relationship building skills and he is highly experienced in managing customer relationships as well. David Kutek’s responsibilities included acquiring new large partners and resellers for offering services in line with the business’s strategic and revenue objectives.

He leverages existing industry knowledge and relationships for creating profitable revenue opportunities. He executes on sales strategy, builds and maintains a healthy and growing funnel of opportunities.

To ensure effective progression of these prospects across the sales cycle, he manages the entire funnel. He provides visibility and transparency of these prospects to all relevant key internal stakeholders.

As an industry leader, David maintains high level of professionalism and performs many operations:

Drives Results: He focuses his energy on high return and profitable prospects, and effectively achieves maximum results.

Business Acumen: He is adept in identifying and exploring new customers and markets. He proactively demonstrates his knowledge against competitive forces.

Selling to large Partners and Resellers: He understands and effectively maneuvers through the politics associated with large companies.

Engagement with C-level Officer: He is proficient in overcoming institutional barriers to protect the senior management from vendors. He skillfully interacts with the C-level officers and understands the roles of all the parties preventing the negotiation.

Solution Knowledge: He articulates the business value efficaciously in certain ways that resonate with customers. He is amazing in engaging solution specialists in ways that serve the customers in best ways possible.

Communication: He delivers clear and concise presentations with great enthusiasm and confidence, demonstrating the knowledge of their products and services. Through effective questioning and listening skills, he

Negotiating: He remains professional under pressure and does not exaggerate his decision-making in stressful situations. He openly communicates, provides timely feedback and share ideas.

David Kutek has thorough understanding of business environment and business etiquette. He has the ability to function effectively and adapt according to relevant culture. He has completed his graduation and post-graduation in Business Administration from a renowned University in Florida. During his education, he was involved in many projects related to business management and won many awards for his excellent work.

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