What is achievement?


I got the opportunity to attend a conference last week and realized how unimpressed I was across the board.

That got me thinking, “when was the the last time I was impressed?” and “what does it mean that I’m impressed so infrequently?”

I still can’t remember the last time I was genuinely impressed, maybe my hotel room at the conference, but I do have an inkling of an idea as to what it means.

It means that I think I know enough. It means I believe I’ve seen it all. It means that I can’t learn or see something unique unless it’s apparent. I’ve grown arrogant.

There was a time where I was impressed by everything. Things seemed novel and new and even if they weren’t there was something to be had by them.

I want to get back there. To a more childlike state of being. Always learning. Always asking why.

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