Give your interiors an instant makeover without having to knock down walls. There’s a much easier way to enhance your space and make it look larger while adding tonnes of personality to it. Simply add a mirror! No longer just restricted to your vanity table, a mirror can be creatively placed to upgrade every room from your hallway to your kitchen. We show you how.

  1. Swap your doorway for a mirror

A mirror can be a conversation starter on its own as one stunning piece can set the tone for the entire room. Go one step further and toss away an old door and replace it with an elaborate mirror or mirrored door instead. A floor-to-ceiling full-length mirror automatically lends a sense of height to the space by drawing your eye up and around the room.
Tip: Why just your doorway, consider adding mirrored furniture to any room, especially your living room. A chest of drawers clad in mirrors placed next to a wall in a tiny room can trick your eye into thinking that the floor extends beyond the wall. Avoid doing this in an already busy room full of furniture and bric-a-brac, though.