Because of your review and some others I am canceling my order.
Dane Walker


Contact Ty @ (that’s the email address, sans spaces, of course). See what he’ll do.

When you’ve gotten that taken care of, contact Tyler Gillies or Davey Oil at G&O Cyclery in Greenwood. They’re the owners, and they’ve built a solid team of professionals. They’re family-oriented, which means they’re cargo-oriented as well. There is a reason that they won’t recommend RadPower bikes. I’m not alone in this.

The Juiced bikes have been an absolute dream. The only issue I’ve had is when changing the brake pads, I’ve had to take them in to G&O to have them finish the job, because I can never get the pads in there without rubbing. They have to burp the hydraulic brake lines, and it’s not very easy to do with this set of brakes. I might actually convert to mechanical disc over these hydraulics, just so I can do all of the servicing myself. In the meantime, I’m perfectly okay with G&O having their hands on my bikes. :)

Our dinky cycling computer gave out after only a month, so I don’t know how miles we have on them, but when the computers died, we had over 300 miles on each bike. We have only done brake pad replacements and chain cleanings, along with normal adjustments and what-not. All standard stuff. They’ve been fantastic. Also, Tora — the owner of Juiced — responds quickly and accurately to emails. They also upload DIY videos to their Facebook page.