Life, Edited

Lately, I have been reviewing my life as a whole. I have started a new journaling method called Bullet Journal, which I’m sure many of you are aware of. In this journal, I wrote down my 20x30 list, to keep handy. In doing so, I realized how trivial some of my goals were. I also realized how close I am to completing some of them. In this post, I’m going to review some, and update the progress of others. Here we go!


8. Create my own tea blend
I’m not entirely sure where this one came from. I’ve always enjoyed Teas better than I have tea blends, tisanes, and herbals. So creating a blend is outside my realm of desire. Therefore, I am changing this goal.

This goal is now changed to:

8. Start running
I truly miss running. I really want to be able to run with my partner, but we have a child, and work opposite schedules in order to accommodate such, so we can’t do that. We may be able to run together in the apartment building’s gym.

9. Roast a Gesha coffee
This simply is not going to happen. I’m 29, and I sold my home coffee roaster a while back. Therefore, I’m going to set a goal for something more relevant.

This goal is now changed to:

9. Complete Web Developer’s Course on Udemy
I have been working on a full stack web developer course on Udemy for a couple of months. I’m almost halfway through it now, and if I stick to it, I could finish it. Really, I could finish it super quickly if I dedicate all of my time to it. However, my daughter is learning to read, I need to spend time with her having fun, and I’m exploring other areas of interest as well.

20. Get paid for a photo/photoshoot
I love photography. I love waking up early to catch a sunrise. I love scouting for locations to take photos, and imagining what they would look like at certain times of day. However, I am venturing more into work that doesn’t necessarily earn you money as quickly as, say, portrait photography.

This goal is now changed to:

20. Participate in coding project or get paid to do coding work
There are groups out there for budding developers to go and do coding work for companies or non-profit orgs needing work done, either for free or cheap. I can sign up to do some of that work, and add it to my résumé. When I’ve learned a bit more, I want to be able to do this.


1. Read 5 books each year (total 10)
I have completed five books since starting this list, and am closing in on completing two more soon. I have no doubt I’ll finish all ten before February of 2018.

2. Visit Canada or Mexico
I now have my Enhanced Driver’s License, making my trip to either Canada or Mexico so much easier (and legal!). My wife also has one. However, this is definitely one of the more difficult things on the list to get done.

5. Complete Business Plan
Our ideas have evolved, making the business plan change. That said, we are closing in on making this a reality. The plan may not be physically completed in less than a year, but it is very tangible.

14. Establish a reading routine
This goal is completed! I have been doing really well at reading every day, and I must say that I am pretty darn proud of myself.

15. Establish a meditation routine
We purchased a year subscription to Headspace, which I’ve used in the past on trial, and loved. I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m doing this everyday, but I’m getting close.

18. Start and finish Harry Potter books with Lorelei
This has been started! I don’t think we will finish all of them, but I don’t think I realized what a loft goal that was when I set this goal. Therefore, this one is getting editing and completed!

19. Grow hair past shoulders
Done! And boy is it crazy!

And there we have it! We’ll see where this gets me, eh?