Checklists for Startups

If you want to use the Checklist Manifesto approach, here are 3 checklists I recommend to any entrepreneur. I could take time to come up with my own checklist(s) but there’s really no use re-inventing the wheel. I still use these often even after evaluating and working with many startups. And like all checklists and Simple Rules, writing them down is easy but executing on them is hard.

How to Start by Peter Thiel:

See his 7 questions you should ask here:

How to Get Money by Sequoia Capital:

Writing a Business Plan and creating the pitch deck: See the 10 item checklist here.

How to Make Money by Andreessen Horowitz:

See the 16 item list here.

And another from A16Z here.

If You’re Building a Marketplace by Bill Gurley:


Any others?

Trying real hard to be the shepherd.

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