Modernizing Transportation in the Richmond

Improving access, reliability, and safety for all residents

As I look at the major challenges facing our city and our district, I see shrinking public resources and growing public demand.

As more people move into the city, it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide adequate, reliable transportation and ensure the safety of cyclists and pedestrians. When I speak with Richmond residents, they often share their frustrations with being late to work due to a Muni delay, and their worries about letting their children cross the street to go to school or the park.

As a long-time resident of the Richmond District, and a father of two, I share these concerns. That’s why as Chair of the Community Police Advisory Board, I worked with stakeholders across the District to push for stop lights at dangerous intersections. As your supervisor, I will continue to make neighborhood streets safer and more efficient and modernize public transportation in our community by:

  • Developing a comprehensive transportation plan — I will work with the community and other key stakeholders to develop a robust transportation plan that connects the Richmond to other San Francisco neighborhoods and reflects the current landscape of our district’s transportation needs — including the impacts of ridesharing, tech busses, and private shuttles.
  • Addressing Community Concerns — I will work collaboratively with SFMTA and all sectors of the community to ensure resident voices are heard and considered when making decisions on the future of transportation in our district.
  • Balancing the needs of all riders — Many Richmond District residents rely on public transportation for their daily commutes. The 38 Geary lines have the highest ridership of all Muni lines with well over 50,000 riders. I will work to balance the needs of our diverse ridership — ensuring commuters can get downtown quickly while seniors and riders with disabilities can continue to access local stops.
  • Improving bike and pedestrian safety measures — I will fight for smart traffic enforcement, better street and intersection design, and improved street striping and lighting to ensure the Richmond is a safe place to walk and bike.
  • Opposing plans to expand metered parking — I will oppose any plan that calls for metered parking after 6pm, on Sundays or holidays.

Creating smart public transportation changes in the Richmond District requires both strong leadership and active community involvement. I will work collaboratively with you to develop common-sense solutions that benefit all residents and modernize our public transportation for the 21st century.

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