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A whole day and no comments? Jeez!

In that case, I have two!

These are about people saying stuff, kind of like the question about inviting famous dead people to dinner. I know, that makes no sense as yet. Onward…

If you were to look at all of your writings over a given period (years), could you name an underlying set of topics that reflect your thinking? What are some underlying themes across the opus? Not the overt ones, but some of the 2nd order elements in a constellation of ideas?

Also, are there people who you read just because of a particular quality of the way they write? By particular quality I mean things like brevity, factual detail, any sort of stylistic device, tone, or what-have-you.

I’d sort of like to post these questions to people whose writing I like - kind of like asking them who they would invite to dinner if they could invite anybody in the history of humanity.

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