I do think digging into the best terms to find the most interested audiences is worth your time.
Everyone’s strategy with tags is going to differ, but my personal way to handle tags consists of…
elizabeth tobey

Digging into the best terms is pretty much in line with my approach — but I’m looking for ways to sidestep the time sink that happens when I go off in search of other people’s writing, their tags, and some way of labelling a thing so others are more likely to spot it.

One way would be to increase the allotment of tags from three to five, or unlimited, as with Flickr. That would create a lot more options and foster a greater degree of precision (and zaniness, if that’s allowed on Sunday-suited Medium).

Likewise, being able to search on any two/three/n tags would really help. A tag search on Community+politics+plagiarism is going to really narrow the focus.

I suspect my underlying point is simpatico with yours: I want to have fun finding out what other people think, I want it to be effective, and I want it to help other people find common lines of thought.

Thanks for replying. I could get used to this!