What Medium Readers Are Hungry For
elizabeth tobey

Do we get access to these stats?

Can you build us a little ngram machine, pretty please?

Otherwise these numbers/claims ring hollow.

For example, saying that poetry tag has 180 followers for every post there is about poetry is not saying there are people clamouring for every bit of poetry going. It’s not a call to write more poetry. It’s not even identifying whether poetry is a positive choice as distinct from being pushed on people by a constrained selection on offer.

In short, there are other unidentified and unfiltered factors at work.

Identifying those factors would be easier if we had access to an ngram pairing (or better yet triangulating) tags, words, and even usernames.

We aren’t going to get triangulation, and probably won’t get a nifty tool. But it would sure be useful to have improved access to bulk stats.

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