Labour and Conservative voters and politicians had started to work together, share common ideas, find a centre ground that we could all occupy, differing only in nuance.
Politics is no longer about Left or Right. Who’s side are you on now?
Tobias Stone

Not funny. Not credible either. Parliament was very much on the take, colluding across party lines to defraud the public. Senior politicians were Openly disdainful of their constituents, undermined democratic processes and decision making, and cosied up to tycoons like Rupert Murdoch, and his phone hacking crew.

Blair, and Brown after him turned out to be a fantasist with delusions of grandeur. it was Blair’s imperious autocratic style that took us into the Iraq War over the objections of millions.

It was this corruption of the political process that turn people off, creating two distinct groups: people on board the Westminster gravy train, and everyone else.

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