Dave Grigger

Phwoar! What an exhaustive survey!

I’ve had a few jobs where survey design was part of the picture, and I’ve always taken an interest in the way questions are formulated. I reckon I’m au fait at spotting the internal bias, the results that the survey designers are trying to emphasise, the word choices that obscure or neglect significant details, and so on.

There’s really only one question i this survey, #7. If you could fix, add, or improve one thing about Medium, what would you do first?

And if I had a readymade answer to that it would be something so cursory as to make it nearly meaningless. Like ‘Fix broken feed selectors!’ or ‘Let me block certain tags!’

A serious survey would ask a series of questions to tease that sort of thing out into a cluster of related but distinct points. This survey doesn’t come across as serious.

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