Squaring Medium Idiosyncrasies


I’m a rank newcomer here, but I’ve figured out my complaints toute suite, along with some of my strategies for dealing with them. This post is meant to outline some of my own idiosyncratic behaviour; what I do or don’t do on Medium posts, so that you can make sense of my apparent misbehavior.

Medium is a work in progress. But I recall saying that about Blogger ten years ago too. I said the same about other web services that went bust long before fixing any of what I thought were their major irritants. So it’s more forthright to say Medium is broke, and needs bodging to make it usable.

News Feed

I dislike having a cluttered news feed. So when I figured out that the main spam generator for the news feed was stuff recommended by people I follow, the evident solution was to prune that list; to stop following people. I looked at the accounts of people I followed for some indication of who they followed. I un-followed everyone who followed a lot of other people. So now my news feed is quite succinct and focused. Yay!

I may love what you do, but if you follow a lot of people or are a prolific recommender, I won’t be following you… even if you follow me. And if you do follow me, your news list should not change much.

If it’s any consolation, I do make an effort to check people’s profiles for new material. If your writing moves me, you’ll hear from me.


As noted above, recommendations drive Medium’s spamlists. That’s one reason to minimise their use. There are two other reasons I regard as more important. One is that it’s more polite, more engaging, more writerly to comment. Nevermind this click-and-move-on mentality. If your writing moves me, you’ll hear from me. The other reason to avoid the Recommend button is that the number of recommends drives popularity, and further influences what’s trending, what shows up in lists, and the trending tags cloud. The Recommend button is not a qualitative marker. It’s a numbers game. I call bullshit on that.

In keeping with that, I have asked that readers do not recommend anything I write. Comments, yes please.

That’s all I can write for now, got to get on with work. THis wiull get revised over time.

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