By spreading false narratives about false flags, Trump critics inadvertently make their nightmare scenario more likely.
Stop Calling Terrorist Attacks False Flags
Nicholas Grossman

Surprisingly low key conclusion to all that precedes it. I was hoping for other conclusions, such as the way false narratives undermine evidence-based intellect, and in turn how the absence of an agreed-upon fact-based narrative necessitates ideologically-based assessments of political affairs.

Similarly, the rise of alternative fact discourse serves to create a sense of unity, in which Pizzagate, false flags and other non-events reinforce that identity.

In short, there’s more to be gained from madhattery; false narratives are a powerful positive force for the people who promote them.

While it’s polite to request that we refrain from these paranoid indulgences, they are the lingua franca of the day, and a counternarrative on the same level is just one bit of kit in the arsenal.

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